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I'm Chris and I was born in the beautiful city of Berlin/Germany. Now I run my photo studio in Berlin/Tempelhof, including the wonderful view over the Tempelhofer field, a former city airport. A big part of me always was drawn to music which will remain forever I guess. Music was my first love and as a singer and saxophone player I played in a variety of bands over the years.

After living for one fantastic year on the most beautiful greek island
Milos and after some drastic developments in my personal life the foundation was made for "something new". I knew I wanted to meet as much interesting people as possible and build a personal relationship with them by giving them something only I could do. Photography was always part of my life but just when I came across this guy named Peter Hurley I realized how I could make this work, how I could make this art useful for a lot of people and still accomplish what I desired the most. Since February 2016 I'm Peters first associate in Germany's capital city Berlin. On the 16th of February Peter announced me (see the 2 min video below) as one of his over 100 Associates, shooting worldwide, connected in the Headshotcrew.
Since September 2016 I'm also one of 20 Mentors in this Crew of the finest Headshot Photographers on the planet.

Over the years Peter and I became great friends. So the last time we jerked around in my studio, I tought it was time that he gives me a proper testimonial ;)

Easy to imagine, what great energy emerges, when working with a great team like Peter and our Headshotcrew and so I'm happy and blessed with every person in front of my camera because the connection and the exchange that comes with that is unique and my main motivation to photograph portraits and headshots.
If you find yourself interested in a free consultation or a cooperation please do not hesitate to call my studio or send an e-mail.

All the best,