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Chris Marxen | Headshot Fotograf

Why is a great Headshot important for your career?

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I make photographs of your personality. In a good Headshot nothing distracts from what's most important: you. Clothing, hair, jewellery and background seem to be important but should only support your personality and your profession. Less is more.

My goal is it to show you confident and approachable and on top of your game. In addition, I will teach you how to work a photo camera to create immediate interest in the onlooker. Because most initial contacts are made online these days, I pay close attention that you will get images for every marketing purpose. If it is a professional or social network, a company presentation or website, you should always have the right image at your fingertips because our brain only needs a tenth of a second to subconsciously decide if somebody seems trustworthy, competent and approachable. Long before our conscious mind is able to do that.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and be ahead of the game with a Chris Marxen Headshot.