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Here you will find everything you need to know about your photo session, how to prepare and about my services and rates.

The Session

During your headshot session we will create new images for you to market yourself for whatever your need may be. Acting, personal branding, company website or social media, we will cover your needs, to give you a set of pictures you can use for the next years. I like to shoot a minimum of 2-3 different looks during a session. Different looks for different marketing purposes, all available on your proofing website after the session (later more). Part of my process is to edit the session during the shoot together with you. You and I inspect each photo to determine its potential use or not and to improve your ability to move in front of a photo camera. Therefore, during the session, I like to throw in a little coaching in front of a mirror, to have fun, relax and let you in on some little secrets how to work the camera even better. The effects will instantly be visible on the big screen during our next editing interval.

This valuable experience you will take with you and benefit from it every time you face a camera for the rest of your life.

The Result

When we are done I have usually shot anywhere between 100 and 200 photos and you will end up with somewhere between 30-40 final images that you have approved as potential candidates to use. 24 hours after the session these images will be made available on a password protected proofing website where you and your friends, family, agent or anyone else you ask to help you choosing your favorite headshots, are able to browse through anytime. This website will remain online as long as you feel the need. After handpicking your favorites I will retouch them for you and sent you your headshots in perfect web resolution for any online use. Further I will give you the option to order prints. For reasons of quality control I do not release high resolution images directly to my clients. I must make sure retouching and printing is done under my specifications only to keep up the standard of my output. If you need hi-rez images for magazine prints or whatever, talk to me, I'm happy to get in touch with the editor and handle the details for no extra charge.

The Preparation

You booked your session, now what?

Prepare yourself with a good night sleep, drink lots of fluids, nurture your skin with moisturiser and do not worry about blemishes the day before the session. That's the whole point of Photoshop. Now this is important. Come in hair-ready as if you had a meeting, an audition or just a great-hair-day. Like yourself and feel comfortable. Target is to show your everyday look, on your best day. I ask girls to bring their hair tie, scrunchy or whatever accessory they like to use to change their hair, guys with long hair are welcome to do the same. Guys are also asked to grow a little scruff and shave half way through the shoot if they like, so bring your razor. Clothes. I ask everyone to bring at least 5 to 10 different tops. Saturate it with some bright and some dark colours, casual to busynessy and bring your favorite piece. I do not like busy patterns so try to keep it simple. Only bring what you love, if you don't love what you are wearing , you won't shoot well in it. Don't love it, don't bring it. For girls makeup is mandatory. I like to work with a professional makeup artist for that but we will decide together when the time comes.

Cost and time

A headshot session with me takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and is worth 500 Euros (+VAT). If you take my advice and book my amazing makeup artist Rebecca, she will do your makeup and take care of your hair for the whole session for 150 Euros. She's amazing :) Do it!

Groups and Corporate Sessions

If you work in a company and want to come in with your team or even want us to come to your company with our mobile studio setup I would be happy to offer you a package deal. Please contact me with your company details.

Returning Clients / UPDATE sessions

Once you have shot with me you pay 300 Euros (+VAT) for your headshot for the rest of your career! Plain and simple.

Retouching a headshot costs 25 Euro (+VAT). (Takes me about 30 minutes to make it printable and OUTSTANDING)

For actors I offer to create a headshot card with all your details ready to print for €50 (+VAT). This, together with your resume, is the perfect tool to send out to casting directors and agents. We will talk more about marketing yourself during the session.

Any questions left? Answers are just an email away.

Feel free to get in touch through

email: mail@chrismarxen.com

cell: +49 179 50 90 611

land: +49 30 96 06 2786